Lost and found

Finding lost and found object can earn you money

Have you ever forgotten your smartphone, laptop, or memory card? Only imagine how hard it was to collect all the records, passwords, and documentation back together. When you lose your suitcase, your bag, or your handbag, things turn into torment. You’re not even going to try to consider the difficulty of missing a key or passport.

In reality, losing our things while driving, traveling, or relaxing in a coffee shop is something that might occur to everybody. In such situations, even though those who locate the item want to bring it to its owners in good faith, the difficulties of finding the owner of lost and found items can often cause procrastinating to search for the person.

 Taking this concern into account, Rewardhero has set up a scheme that enables lost and found phones, keys or other valuable electronics to be delivered to their owners quickly and without formal instructions.

Your Things Could Be Missing, but they are Just About Arrive

With the RewardHero smart tag, your valuables have been secured at the highest quality 24/7 around the world for as long as you would like.

Let’s presume you’ve got a laptop and you’ve got one of the smart Rewardhero tags you’ve purchased for that device. An unexpected situation has occurred, and you’ve lost your laptop. Although it was almost unthinkable for the person who finds the device to contact you, this is now quite easy and possible thanks to Rewardhero. The person who received the computer visits and writes the product tag code … Instantly, Rewardhero sends you an e-mail and brings you together with your lost and found laptop. So, you don’t give someone your private details or stick your address, your name, and phone number as a sticky note to every object.

We also give a reward for each lost and found belonging to the person who reaches RewardHero labeled item s/he finds and delivers it to its owner. We can determine the award together. So, the person who finds it will want to make an effort to get it to you.

How Lost and Found ID Tags Works?

1 Go to the activation section at to register your RewardHero ID Tag product in your name.

2 Enter the contact information that will enable you to reach you in case your valuables or pet is lost.

3 If these details change in the meantime, don’t stress about it! You can return back and modify your information whenever you choose to.

4 Congratulations! Your account has been successfully created.

5 Reward Determination: You can set an incentive in the RewardHero system for the individual who recovers a valuable electronic item, wallet, or pet before it is misplaced or after you lost them.  Even if you don’t set a reward, RewardHero will send the finder a reward that’s right for you after the person who finds it has delivered the lost and found item safely.

6 If your pet is lost, those who find it follow the directions on the Rewardhero tag or sticker and send their contact details to the RewardHero system.

Lost and found

Lost and found: the best hidden cinema ever

Up until a few years ago I lived in South-East London. What a city! The best vibes in the world, if you ask me. I had visited London before, and I always thought it fantastic, but what I could not possibly expect before living there, was that I would end up living so many extraordinary experiences. I can honestly say that most of my dearest memories are about events that took place in London. 

Once, a friend invited me to the movies. He said we would go to a place I’d love: an essay cinema, more like a club for cinephiles only open on Tuesdays, called Lost and Found. When I inquired about the name, he said I would understand when I saw it. I eagerly agreed to go, naturally, intrigued. He stopped my enthusiasm, though, saying that once he sent an email request, we should wait to see if we were accepted, he then clarified: only 30 seats were available at Lost and Found, and entrance was free (free offers were accepted to support the cinema), so the first 30 people that sent a request would have their spot. I was amazed.

We were lucky and got our spot, so the next Tuesday we arrived at this old theatre, full of puppets, costumes, set designs and followed a guy to a small room with a big screen were all sorts of seats (sofas, chairs, beanbags) were arranged and the same guy that led us there started introducing the movie – it was a South American independent movie I had no idea of. At the end, a discussion among the audience and that guy began about what we watched.

I got home that night in awe of people, and of London, the place that makes everything possible.


School bag

The weight of school bag

Among the various pieces of equipment that a child (or teenager) needs for school is the school bag. Obviously, when a student goes to school or back home, he needs to carry books, notebooks and other things that cannot stay either at home or in class. It seems incredible that up to now we still have not found a solution to this problem, but the truth is that homework and home study requires the movement of materials back and forth, which sometimes can be pretty heavy. Teenagers do not suffer as much as younger children because they are stronger, but to lift such weights, like those sometimes children have to lift when taking home their school materials, can be dangerous for their health. 

This is why in recent years the companies that build and sell school bags have started developing new models which have inbuilt wheels and a long handle for children to easily carry their school bag with no big effort. It is a bit like having a trolley while going on holiday. Most children use this type of school bag and they are very happy with them as they can fit a lot of things – in fact, bags can be bigger since they do not need to lift them. 

But in general, how do we choose a good school bag? Well, apart from the wheels aspect, which is highly recommended, a school bag needs to be sized accordingly to the size of the child, and it is best if it has adjustable shoulder straps. It should also have a padded back wall for the safety of the child’s back, and a padded bottom to ensure that no delicate object inside is damaged in case the bag falls. Equally important is the material the school bag is built with: while children want their bag to be stylish (and we can’t take this away from them), it shall also be resistant and last some years, it should be waterproof so that nothing gets ruined in case of rain, and it should be light enough – you don’t want to add useless weight.

It is clear that buying a good school bag is not a simple thing. You want your children to be protected from health risks, and you want them to be able to carry their school bag on their own. This is why, as a mother, I must admit I am very happy about these new wheeled bags, and children love them too!

Desk chair

Talking about a desk chair

Can this possibly be a conversation topic? Imagine meeting a friend you regularly see, let’s say, once a week and, sitting at a café, discussing how your office chair should look like, what features it should have etc. Imagine, instead, you meet a friend you haven’t seen in a long time – one of those friends you used to hang out with a lot in the past, but then for no special reason you stopped seeing; and, once again, you end up telling this person about your quest for the perfect desk chair. Incredibly, you find out that also he is into the same search and you spend hours trying to decide on the selection criteria. And what if, an evening while on a date (with that nice guy you really hoped would ask you out) you suddenly find yourself speaking of that desk chair you really can’t get out of your head?

If that is all you have something to say about, you either are a very dull person, or you really need a new desk chair. You know that you belong to the second category, and you know how difficult and frustrating it is having to deal with such purchase. The main reason that makes this task so complicated is the cost. If you buy a desk chair, you don’t want it cheap. You need a product that is good, that will last long and that will, most importantly, save you from getting injured at work. “How could a chair possibly save me from an injury?”, you may ask. Simple. Long periods of sedentariness stress our bodies, our muscles, our bones because our perfect anatomy was never meant for stillness. Muscles that don’t work lose their tone, for example, and a chain reaction is then established that leads to several aches, but also to possible more serious conditions.   

I made the terrible mistake to consult Dr Google (never a wise choice) and ended up learning that too many risks are connected to long periods of inactivity. Since then, the desk chair is the centre of all my discussions because I really want to be safe at work. I am lucky my friends understand me and support me, because it is taking quite a long time to finally find the desk chair right for me. As I said, the price can be a problem, if you don’t have money saved up. Don’t make the mistake, though, to opt for a cheap chair as you may end up regretting it for the rest of your life. It is wiser to wait (if you can), save and then make a choice. This is my rule, at least!